Beautiful Nudist Photos by Photographer Emmanuel Thomas

I came across this great image of a nudist family sitting along a stream and, as I do, I hunted down the artist’s web site. This particular link is a page of specifically naturist photography, however, he does have some incredible macro shots of tiny critters on his main page along with some other galleries. Enjoy.

Anne Brigman nude self photography from the early 1900’s

I just came across this article and was interested to find this story that I’d never heard of before about Anne Brigman who in the early 1900’s began photographing herself nude in nature.

The photographs may not be awe inspiring by today’s standards, but when you consider this intrepid artist had to travel by horse and stage coaches with mass amounts of photographic equipment that had to be carefully set for long exposure and then ever so carefully returned to a dark room for development you begin to get more appreciation for what must have been a deep passion for the creative process.

Personally, I’m going to read a little more about her, but I’ll attach some

photos and the original article I came across.